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Silicone Sheets For Scars

Silicone scar sheets are designed to minimize and prevent scars following a general or aesthetic procedure, or to minimize the appearance of an existing scar.

Superior Therapy, No Matter The Scar

Marena’s silicone scar sheets set the standard for non-invasive scar reduction therapies. Made of 100% medical-grade silicone, our biocompatible scar strips are designed to help prevent and reduce the appearance of new and existing scars.

We offer options to treat post surgical scarring following breast augmentation including styles for under the breast (anchor) and around the nipple area (lollipop). A strip-style scar sheet can be applied on most areas of the body.

These comfortable, flexible scar sheets are designed to lock in moisture at the scar site which can help prevent or reduce the formation of atrophic, hypertrophic and keloid scars. All sheets can be worn under your post-surgical compression garments and .


The anchor silicone sheets are shaped for use under the breast following under-the-muscle breast augmentation procedures.

Two per pack.


Lollipop silicone sheets are designed for treatment of scars around the nipple area after over-the-muscle breast augmentation.

Two per pack.


The silicone strip is designed for most areas of the body including areas that bend and fold, such as the abdomen or knee, after liposuction or general procedures.

One per pack.

Safe, Effective, Non-Invasive Scar Treatment

Silicone Scar Sheets help to minimize and prevent
scars from forming following skin trauma or invasive medical procedures.

The Silicone Scar Sheets protect closed incisions, cuts and lacerations from irritation while stabilizing the skin, keeping it smooth and flat, even on parts of the body with folds or joints. The biocompatible, medical-grade silicone helps reduce and balance the production of collagen at the source and keeps the skin hydrated to help prevent scars from forming.

Active silicone in the scar sheets can also help minimize the appearance of existing scars by softening the scar tissue and hydrating the skin, which can, in some cases, cause the scar to fade over time. The sheet thickness (1.5 mm/0.06 inch) helps flatten the scar and prevent wrinkling on the skin.

Helps Prevent New Scars

Sheets lock in moisture reducing the buildup of scar tissue, creating a smooth surface over time.

Helps Treat Existing Scars

Silicone sheets softens and hydrates the skin, improving the appearance of existing scars and causing them to fade.

Stays flat On The Skin

The thickness of the silicone ensures it lays flat, preventing the skin from wrinkling under the adhesive sheet.

Flexible and Easy To Apply

It adapts to any part of the body. Its elasticity allows for smooth application even on joints.

Washable and Reusable

Can be hand washed and reapplied for up to 2-4 weeks before needing replacement.

Tip: For Best results, use a least 3 days after stitches are removed.

Simple to Use, Easy to Apply

For best results, use the scar sheet for at least 2 months. Consistent use will help improve results up to a year.

Wait at least 3 days after sutures or stitches are removed and scars are healed with no visible scabbing before applying the sheet.

There is not a fixed application time as it depends on the type and nature of the scar. Follow the steps below to learn how to apply and care for the strips.



Wash your hands & clean the scar. Ensure it’s dry and without creams or ointments.


Measure the scar and cut the sheet big enough to cover it.

Remove Plastic

Remove the protective layers and apply the adhesive side over the scar.


Start by applying for 4 hours per day for the first 2 days. Increase time by 2 hours per day.


Clean the sheet with warm water and mild soap between use. Let it dry naturally.


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