Your Recovery Journey

The healing process after procedures that cause trauma to the body, surgical or minimally invasive, lasts on average 12 weeks and has distinct steps. Marena Recovery medical-grade compression garments can help patients heal faster and stronger during each stage.

1-4 weeks after surgery


Heal Faster

Designed for comfort and healing immediately following surgery, Step 1 garments help reduce pain and are easy to get on. Our garments stay comfortable to wear 24/7, even during sleep.


Primary Medical Benefits

  • Reduce swelling and pain
  • Moisture control to prevent infection

Patient Benefits

  • Comfort after surgery
  • Ability to sleep in comfort
  • Ease of movement

4-12 weeks after surgery


Recover Stronger

After week 4, when initial swelling has gone down, patients get their new size in Step 2 garments to continue healing. These garments work well under clothes, stay soft and stretch for full range of movement.


Medical Benefits

  • Tone and smooth skin
  • Reduce bruising

Ongoing Benefits

  • Cooling fabric
  • Support skin and muscles
  • Smaller size post swelling
  • Comfortable under clothes

12+ weeks after surgery


Feel Better

Move through the day comfortably and confidently with the micro-massage sensation and cooling properties of our Step 3 post-recovery garments.


Ongoing Benefits

  • Improved posture through muscle support
  • Keeps you cool & dry with moisture-wicking fabric
  • Travel in comfort with improved circulation
  • Sleek and comfortable under clothes

Recovery after Surgery

Doctor Recommendations

If your doctor recommended medical-grade compression to help speed up your recovery after surgery, Marena Recovery has the right garments for any upcoming surgery.

A comfortable Marena bra for every procedure

Simplify recovery and maximize healing

Soothing coverage to heal faster

Widest post-op range available to men

Skin tightening with second-skin comfort

Adjustable fits for comfort at every stage

The Power of Compression wear


Soften Skin


Our patented fabric and unique construction techniques ensure that your skin is under the exact amount of compression needed to keep it smooth during the recovery process.

Improve Comfort and Support


Our garments stay in place and move with you, making your recovery as painless as possible.

Minimize Possible Infections


Our patented fabric is treated with Silvadur antimicrobial protection to help lower the risk of infections and improve recovery times.

Reduce Edema (Fluid Build-Up)


Medical-grade compression helps stimulate the lymphatic system, enabling the body to efficiently remove waste and reduce fluid build-up.

Reduce Pain With Three-Dimensional Stretch Recovery Garments

Our patented warp-knit fabric’s compressive power stabilizes and supports muscles and connective tissues. Engineered with Three-Dimensional Stretch, we sew to medical grade compression to help the body recover faster - and stronger.

Compression that lasts

We tested Marena Recovery against leading competitors for comfort, retaining stretch and fabric softness.

Study: In partnership with a leading US university, we tested the stretch and durability of our compression garments by performing rigorous wash and wear simulations. After subjecting all garments to the same simulations according to strict protocols, Marena outperformed 3 leading compression competitors in keeping its stretch and in keeping the feel and softness of the fabric.

30 Washes
40% Stretching
32 Hours

Marena Recovery showed almost no change to its shape or compression power.

-0.33% elongation, -2.39% change in power

Against Texas Based Compression Garment Provider

Marena Keeps its Stretch

Competitor lost -0.16% elongation, -15.8% change in power

Against Czech Republic Based Compression Garment Manufacturer

Marena Stays Soft

Competitor lost 1.99% elongation, 20.83% change in power

Against California Based Compression Garment Manufacturer

Marena Holds Compression Longer

Competitor lost -3.44% elongation, 12.8% change in power

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