Lipoedema Mid-State Everyday Management Legging with FlexFit Comfort Ankle | 15-20 mmHg | Style No. LIEMLMS


The Lipoedema Mid-State Everyday Management Legging is specifically designed for daily wear to help manage the symptoms of mid-state lipoedema. Features 15-20 mmHg compression and our patent-pending FlexFit Comfort Ankle™ to help improve mobility and comfort.




Introducing our first compression garment specifically designed for the daily management of mid-state Lipoedema symptoms. The Lipoedema Mid-State Everyday Management Legging with FlexFit Comfort Ankle™ provides optimal levels of compression from 15-20 mmHg, which may help reduce inflammation, pain, tenderness, and sensitivity in the affected areas. Compression has been shown to help improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage.
The mid-state legging features a fuller leg silhouette to accommodate enlargement in the legs without causing discomfort or constriction.
The patent-pending FlexFit Comfort Ankle™ construction consists of two gliding panels designed to follow the natural movement of the ankle. This helps improve comfort and mobility without constricting or binding the ankle while maintaining ideal compression levels. A clean finish edge at the toes allows for added comfort while wearing shoes.
Made with our proprietary TriFlex™ 3D stretch fabric, this garment provides consistent targeted compression that has been shown to help combat swelling, plus relieve pain related to tissue fibrosis that may occur with Lipoedema.
Additional features such as antimicrobial protection and moisture wicking help keep the skin cool and dry, which supports longer wear time. In addition, it can help aid in the appearance of lipedema by smoothing the skin and contouring the legs.
The soft, elastic waistband is backed with our TriFlex™ fabric to ensure all-day comfort. Reinforced stitching provides strength and durability for extended wear.
Sizes range from 14W-28W to provide superior fit and support. Consult with a healthcare professional and follow the measurement guidelines to find the right fit specific to your needs.
  • Provides optimal compression (15-20 mmHg) for the everyday management of Lipoedema
  • Features a fuller leg silhouette for optimal fit
  • FlexFit Comfort Ankle™ construction allows for mobility and comfort without constricting or binding
  • Soft, elastic waistband backed with our TriFlex™ fabric ensures all-day comfort
  • Reinforced seams that provide strength and durability for extended wear
  • TriFlex™ 3D stretch fabric with antimicrobial protection and moisture-wicking
  • Engineered to maintain stretch and compression up to 75 washes
  • Does not require other devices to put on
  • Easier to put on and take off than other common Lipoedema garments
  • Targeted compression helps smooth the skin and aid in the appearance of Lipoedema

Additional information


14W, 16W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24W, 26W, 28W



Garment Care Instructions

To preserve the special qualities of your garment and its patented fabric, please follow these laundering instructions while washing only with like colours.  
  • Turn inside out
  • Machine wash gentle or delicate
  • Use cold/cool water only
  • Use gentle soap
  • Tumble dry delicate low heat
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not iron
  • Be careful with sharp fingernails
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