Antibacterial Face Mask

The Medasun Antibacterial Face Mask is a washable, reusable face mask with active silver antibacterial protection to guard face, nose and mouth against respiratory droplets and splashes.Washable up to 75 times without losing effectiveness, even at high temperatures – ≥160°F (≥71°C)



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The Medasun Marena Face Mask is a washable, reusable face mask with active silver antibacterial protection. This helps the Face Mask guard your face, nose and mouth against larger respiratory droplets and splashes.
You can help to further reduce the spread and transmission of Coronavirus, other viruses and bacteria, in the aftermath of a cough or a sneeze when wearing a face mask.

• Provides a physical barrier protection against the spread of larger respiratory droplets, germ particles, and splashes for the user and the surroundings. While this mask will provide some protection against, it will not act as a barrier against the spread of smaller respiratory droplets or germ particles. These face masks are classified as a Class 1 medical device by the FDA In the USA.

  • This reusable antibacterial face mask provides physical barrier protection against larger respiratory droplets, germ particles and splashes.
  • Washable up to 75 times without losing effectiveness, even at high temperatures – ≥160°F (≥71°C)
  • Active silver gives some antibacterial protection.
  • The face mask is washable multiple times without losing effectiveness even at high temperatures and with bleach.
  • Soft, skin friendly Triflex™ fabric with 3D stretch for optimal comfort.
  • A lightweight, one piece design which covers the nose and mouth. Comfortable ear straps ensure the mask stays in place.
  • Good airflow and breathability
  • Wear this face mask on its own or over a respirator
  • One size fits all.

Face mask is Reusable and Washable multiple times, even at high temperatures

Active silver stays on the fabric of the mask and remains active even after multiple washings. Active silver does not detach or degrade at high temperatures or in the presence of bleach, and will not discolour fabrics.

Soft Skin friendly Triflex™ fabric.

Made with Marena’s patented post-surgical fabric. This means they are comfortable to wear on their own or over N95 masks and respirators.

*Non-sterile product. Not tested to N95 standard. It is not intended to be used as a respirator.

Manufactured in the USA by a medical device manufacturer, Marena is ISO:9001, ISO 13485:2016 and GMP certified.

** This product is not included in our special promotion.

*** Disclaimer: Non-Return of Goods. Due to potential contamination, customers may only return these products for refund by prior arrangement. These items must be unused and must be returned in the original unopened packaging, in good condition.

*This product is authorized for sale under a US FDA Emergency Use Authorization (dated April 18 and 24, 2020) as a Non-Surgical Face Mask (Class I medical device) for use by the general public in non-healthcare settings, and as source control in healthcare settings to help prevent the spread of infection or illness during the COVID-19 pandemic. This product is non-sterile and has not been tested to N95 or other standards for particulate filtration, liquid barrier protection, or infection prevention. It is not intended to be used as a respirator or in such clinical setting where the risk level of infection through fluids or inhalation exposure is high. This mask has not been tested for effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus. Each mask is intended for use by one person only and must not be shared. See instructions for use and cleaning, provided separately.


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