Tummy tuck compression garments

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as an Abdominoplasty can take around 6 weeks to fully recover from. After abdominoplasty surgery you will usually be advised to wear a tummy tuck compression garment such as a binder or girdle. This will help to you to recover quicker and in greater comfort following your tummy tuck operation. Wearing compression after a tummy tuck can among other things help to prevent blood clots and improve circulation which will help you to heal. Medasun stocks a variety of binders and post surgical girdles for men and women appropriate for recovery after abdominal procedures.

Unlike some compression wear, Medasun garments have seams on the outside making them a lot more comfortable to wear following surgery.

Use the product filters below to find the tummy tuck recovery garment which is best for you and to help ensure you measure yourself correctly we have provided a link to the Medasun compression garments measuring guide too.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Compression Garments

Used by thousands of satisfied patients every year

Can be worn while you are asleep

Wear one and Wash one

Compression garments to help you to recover quicker after tummy tuck surgery


Why Medasun Abdominoplasty Recovery Garments?

Designed for comfort and healing immediately following surgery, Step 1 compression garments help reduce pain and are easy to get on. one of our products such as a compression bra post surgery is so comfortable you can wear it 24/7, yes, even during sleep! So it makes sense to buy more than one recovery bra so that you can wear one and wash one.

• Reduce swelling and pain
• Moisture control to prevent infection
• Comfort after surgery
• Ability to sleep in comfort
• Ease of movement

Medasun garments:

Are Hypoallergenic
Are Antimicrobial
Are Power Stretch
Have Superior Softness

The magic is in the fabric

Medasun compression garments are scientifically proven to aid the recovery process. you can read more here.

With Compression

How to measure yourself correctly for a tummy tuck recovery garment