Perfect Fit: How To Measure Yourself For Optimal Healing

Medasun Ltd. Supply Marena‘s World Leading Marena Recovery post-surgical garments to the UK and Ireland. To supply the perfect garment for patients, measuring is essential. This brief guide helps you to obtain the ideal garment for your procedure.

Why Sizing Is Important

Marena’s patented fabric Engineered Stability Grid™ and FDA registered garments are designed to provide the best in medical grade compression. Marena designs garments that will fit comfortably for extended wear and deliver optimal results. Proper sizing ensures that targeted compression is applied to the correct areas
of the body. Therefore, it is important to follow our garment specific size charts and take accurate measurements.

Proper Measurements For The Best Fit

Whatever your body shape or size, we can help you determine the proper size garment to ensure the best results and most comfortable wearing experience.
Each garment requires different measurements, so please review which point of measure you need. You will use these measurements to find the best size for you in that garment. It is important to take accurate measurements, so take your time and record your measurements as you go. If a clinic nurse is not fitting the garment, then for greater accuracy and ease, we suggest the patient asks a friend to take their measurements. On their own, they could use a mirror and record the details on their phone.

Keep in mind, most people find that their size in medical-grade compression differs from their everyday apparel size.

Before the patient begins

Keep these tips in mind while measuring:

  • Ask a friend to help - the steps are the same, just easier.
  • Measure from the side to keep the tape level. Standing in front of a mirror helps.
  • Record each measurement as you go. (Idea: record a voice memo on your phone)
  • Be sure the measuring tape is straight and level.
  • Measure around the widest point of the body part.
  • The tape should be snug, but not cause an indentation.
  • Always stand while measuring and do not wear bulky clothes.

Where to Measure- Womens Garments


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Where to Measure - Mens Garments


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