Is wearing a reusable face mask the new normal?

Today I was informed that our local dentist will be opening their practice for the long-awaited visit to the dental chair and check-up (hooray) which for many of us has been delayed due to the COVID -19 outbreak. Another indicator that lockdown restrictions are being eased over these next two weeks and the world is slowly opening up to services that we took for granted before lockdown.

Following the transport secretary Grant Shapps announcement that members of the public are now  expected to wear a Face Mask or Face Covering when on public transport from the 15th June which will help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and if any of us are visiting hospital the same rule will apply, as Matt Hancock announced on the 5th June, all members of hospital staff will be expected to be wearing a type one or two face mask so it will be the new normal.

As children return to school and we all start to go back to work It is going to make sense to have a face mask with us and our kids at all times. Ultimately, we want to help defeat the spread of coronavirus by protecting each other – staying alert – controlling the virus – save lives. You could make your own face covering from cotton or you could visit Medasun and purchase one of the high quality reusable antibacterial face masks there. Medasun can also supply the same quality reusable antibacterial face masks for children.

Information on Children wearing face masks

Medasun UK Face Masks are available in  pink, beige, black and even leopard skin colours and children’s face masks are available in pink royal blue and black. These Medasun antibacterial facemasks are designed for comfort and are the best value for money,’ the magic is in our antibacterial fabric…

The World Health Organisation has some valuable guidance on how to wear your non-medical face masks here https://www.who.int/images/default-source/health-topics/coronavirus/clothing-masks-infographic—(web)-logo-who.png?sfvrsn=b15e3742_1

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