Why it’s important to wear post-surgical Compression necessary following Surgery

Whenever the body is subject to Trauma it reacts, think of when you have cut yourself or grazed a knee. The immediate reaction is swelling and pain. Wearing post-surgical compression garments can help to soothe and ease these symptoms following surgery.

Following surgery, with swelling, there can be pain, to help your body recognise that it has need of repair, and it lets you know about it! Once it is healed -or the symptoms relieved – the body takes away the pain and the swelling as it recognises that a repair is underway.

So what does this have to do with post-surgical compression?  In the movies, whenever someone has dramatically cut themselves in the middle of nowhere, someone will rip the arm off a shirt and tie it round the damaged area, this reduces pain and swelling and is – compression.

Lots of clever medical scientists have researched compression, and they have discovered that the ideal post-surgical compression garment will have 17-20mmHG (see ref) (light to medium compression to you and me- HG means mercury- great for measuring compression levels!) If the levels are too high – the garments can restrict blood flow (like tight jeans when you kneel down at the back of your knee) – as they restrict the blood supply – or are ineffective as the compression is too low.

After an invasive medical procedure, such as liposuction, fat freezing, hernia, caesarean, you probably need a big hug, and that’s what compression does, a 360 degree hug. Medasun Medical chooses to supply Marena garments as they are manufactured to provide the body with the correct compression level, and help you recover faster. In the hot weather the unique Marena material actively removes moisture from the skin (wicking) with Coolmax™ technology and helps reduce infection with Silvadur™, which kills most bugs. It also feels like a second skin!

Your doctor will recommend your ideal time for wearing a compression garment– generally they recommend 4-6 weeks, 24 hours a day post-surgery. Try not to remove your garment for a long period, you will feel the differenceL, only for washing. 2 garments are recommended.  A second stage garment keeps your body supported and maintains the healing process, 6-12 weeks following surgery.

Post-surgical compression is highly recommended after surgery.  Make sure your garments fit correctly and have the correct compression level, 17-20 mmHg. Using the sizing chart from the manufacturer and your doctors recommendations, your recovery should be quicker and less painful with, than without, a garment, even during a hot summer!

Ref: Dr Yves Gerard Illoux clinical study on post op compression therapy

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