12 Best Exercises for Recovering from a Tummy Tuck


The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty – is a surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the tummy area, abdomen. The tummy tuck operation is popular because it allows people to achieve the desired look and one that can be easily maintained. 

The key to retaining the results after a tummy tuck is to exercise after you have healed. You will need to wait until the initial tummy tuck recovery time has passed but you should begin a light exercise routine consisting of specific, targeted exercises to make sure you can maintain the results of surgery. When you combine your tummy tuck exercise plan with high quality, targeted compression garments, you will feel the benefits of both for the months and years ahead.


You should always seek approval from your surgeon before you begin exercising following a tummy tuck. When you do begin to exercise you will want to incorporates specific techniques, designed to enhance the abdominal area. Here are some of the best exercises to do after you have healed sufficiently following your tummy tuck procedure.


Abdominal exercises will play a vital role in maintaining the results of your tummy tuck. Work closely with your surgeon to make sure which of the exercises outlined below will best complement your target and your current healing progress. 

Some abdominal exercises for core strengthening you may wish to consider:

  • Medicine Ball Crunch — lay flat on your back and bend your knees while leaving your feet flat. Lift the medicine ball above your head, and crunch upwards to the right. Then, crunch to the left. Complete several reps when exercising in order to get the best results.
  • Dead Bugs — Dead bugs is also a powerful core strengthening exercise and a nice and easy one to perform after your tummy tuck recovery. Lay flat on your back on a padded mat. Bend your knees so that they are at a 45-degree angle and lift your arms straight over your body. Extend one leg and the opposite arm out straight, and slowly bring them back to the original position. Then, stretch the opposite leg and arm. Repeat this to achieve the best results.
  • Weighted Planks — Perform this with a partner. In a planking position ask your exercise partner to place the weight on your upper back, between your shoulder blades. Stay in the same position until you begin to feel fatigued. Ask your partner to remove the weight before you exit this position.


Cardio and aerobic exercises can also help after tummy tuck. These routines will help you to prevent the build-up of fat in your abdominal area and will provide you with a natural boost of energy and happiness. This is so important when you are learning to love your new body after surgery.

Cardio and aerobics exercises to enjoy after your tummy tuck recovery:

  • Running or Jogging — One of the best cardio exercises to enjoy in the weeks and months following your surgery is running or jogging. If you have never been much of a runner before, you may want to begin with light jogs at short intervals.
  • Swimming — Swimming is a great exercise to consider after surgery. Swimming can be a relaxing and enjoyable low-impact exercise to keep you feeling fit. Remember to work closely with your surgeon to understand the best strokes to use when swimming after a tummy tuck.
  • Cycling — This is a convenient cardio exercise, especially as this can be done with the use of indoor cycling exercise equipment. Cycling will help increase your muscle strength following your tummy tuck too.


You will be able to see a visible difference in your abdominal area after a tummy tucked should begin to feel fit and toned once again. To maintain your new look and to continue improving, you may want to consider weight training once your doctor approves.

Weight training exercises you could try in the months following your tummy tuck:

  • Goblet Squats — The goblet squat truly works your entire body. Hold a kettle ball or dumbbell on in your hands and near your chest. Squat down until your knees reach a 45-degree angle and come back up. This is a beginner-level exercise that is easy for most to master.
  • Glute Bridges or Hip Thrusts — A simple, effective exercise to work your abdominal area and glute. Laying flat on your back, bend your knees while keeping your feet flat on the floor. Then, put your hands on your hips and lift your hips up so that they are level with your knees. Repeat this motion several times to complete the exercise.
  • Lunges — Lunges are a classic exercise that have a big impact on your overall health and well-being. Bend one knee forward while stretching your other leg back. Then, lean your upper body forward and stretch toward your bended knee. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Bicep & Triceps Curls — Try adding these to just about any routine. Hold a small weight in your hand, and curl your arm upward. You will want to work with your surgeon to determine the best weight for you during your recovery.


Make sure you wear high quality compression garments after a tummy tuck in conjunction with your post tummy tuck exercise plan. Compression garments will work to preserve your new look and can help make the results permanent. 

You should invest in compression garments which have been specifically designed for post-surgical recovery. Compression garments will help to reduce the initial swelling after a tummy tuck and can even help pain management. A compression garment after your tummy tuck operation will help during every stage of recovery:

  • In the weeks following your tummy tuck, your compression garments will help you feel as comfortable as possible and will help the swelling to subside. Remember not to stretch or bend in ways your doctor has not advised. Medasun’s garments provide cooling, targeted compression with antimicrobial active silver and a crotchless design. The design helps to ensure you can stay in the initial garment for as long as your surgeon recommends.
  • You will most likely find you wish to continue wearing your compression garments for the first few months following your tummy tuck to support your recovering body and preserve the results of the procedure. Your compression garment supports your muscles after a tummy tuck too so will also help to tone your skin during this phase of your recovery.
  • After the initial recovery phase, you may find you still want to wear compression garments in order to enhance your new look and continue enjoying your new lifestyle. There are many compression garment options which can be worn for months following the tummy tuck procedure, and patients often find this helps them feel relaxed, confident, and secure as their body heals and tones.

Creating a comprehensive tummy tuck recovery plan with your surgeon which includes light, targeted exercise combined with a compression garment schedule, will maximize your results following this cosmetic surgery procedure. You will feel fit, fresh, and beautiful once again after you tummy tuck, and your new exercise and compression regime will ensure you enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle over the coming years.

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